At EnlightenLEDs we pride ourselves as a great place to work where our people are inspired to be the best that they can be!

Our company focus weighs heavily on our commitment to our customers, creative innovation, maintain steadfast integrity, provide superior service and commitment to the global environment!

EnlightenLEDs inspires to offer our customers a vast portfolio of industry leading, high quality products that promise to satisfy and exceed our customer’s needs. Your home is your castle. EnlightenLEDs is completely reshaping home comfort through better lighting technology that makes rooms brighter and more inviting—while keeping our planet’s health at top of mind.

At EnlightenLEDs we take pride in making our own LED lights from scratch using our own factory with state of the art equipment managed by the industry’s leading technicians. Our factory is one of the highest rated LED factories in the world. After rigorous testing and grading, the best LEDs are chosen from a scale of 1-132. Only the finest material is used from beginning to end when making these LED lights. Since we know everything that goes into our LED lights are first-rate materials, we proudly display the technical information on each package. Made with high quality machinery using premium-grade materials, our LEDs are durable, bright and the top choice for consumers looking for first-class products.

We’ve developed leading-edge LED lighting solutions that are energy efficient and amazingly easy to install. Our products make every inch of homes throughout North America look magnificent—including kitchens, family rooms, home theaters, bathrooms, and more. Available in multiple sizes, brightness levels, and colors, there’s no shortage of possibilities with EnlightenLEDs.